After a few days of relax, now I’m in Hintertux (Austria) with some friends following my training schedule. It’s my 4th day here and I’m extremely excited on the snow conditions and on how my snowboard is getting better.

We had a very good first sunny day where we had our first contact with all the features in the park (jib line, medium line and small line) and we had a great time.

Our 2nd day wasn’t so good it was very cloudy and the visibility wasn’t very good so we decided to go an shred during 2 ours and get back home.

However during the afternoon it started snowing and it still did during all night, our surprise was to wake up and see all the mountain full of snow (60cm) and a brilliant sun, we just thought it was time to do some powder.

Today we had some clouds, an excellent temperature and the shapers were working hard on the medium line and the pro line so we worked on basic things in the small line. Tomorrow we are expecting to have at least the medium line open which today was looking amazing.

Here are some photos of these days and a small edit from today :)!!